No matter your current business situation (opening a new business, reopening a business, moving, or wanting to change providers), making sure you choose the right security solution provider is of the utmost importance to keep your people, property, and assets protected. To that end, we have created a list of questions to help you find the right provider. Here are the Top 9 questions to ask when you are seeking a new commercial security provider.

#1 What is your process for assessing my security needs?

If the person you are talking to goes straight into selling products, they are not the right provider. Why? Because they are not interested in solving your pain points, achieving your goals, and meeting your requirements.

To provide our customers with the best assessment possible, we use an approach we created called LEARN. We LISTEN to your needs, EVALUATE what you shared with us, and then determine the correct APPROACH regarding the right technology and installation strategy. Next, we will give our RECOMMENDATION built off your goals, our years of experience, and the equipment you need to reach your goals. And lastly, we will help you NAVIGATE the entire installation process. We want our customers to fully understand their systems and what will happen before, during, and after the process is complete.

#2 How many different brands are you authorized to install?

Many providers are locked into installing a handful of brands. Why is this a bad thing? Because they will not be able to customize the system to meet your needs. We are an experienced and authorized installer for many of the biggest security brands in the world, and we can partner with you to design the exact solution for your business needs and budget requirements.

#3 Can you integrate all my building protection systems?

Not all security providers can integrate your building protection systems such as access control, burglar alarm, surveillance cameras, and fire alarm. Why choose a provider who has the capability to integrate? At the 10,000-foot view, integrating your systems will allow you to increase security, save money, create efficiencies, simplify processes, increase productivity, and gain actionable insights into building operations and help you make informed decisions about your systems and processes.

No matter your business’s size, you will benefit from tying all of your systems together, so it’s wise to choose an experienced system integrator that can provide this as a solution.

#4 Are your technicians fully trained to work on all of the brands you install?

Absolutely. All of our technicians are fully trained on the brands we are authorized to install. In some of the smaller security providers companies, this is not always the case. Why does this matter? It means that we will complete installs and service calls as quickly and efficiently as possible. This translates into cost-savings on labor and a much better customer experience. Our team of installation experts will always have the right tools and the right technology on a service call to your business.

#5 What is your coverage area?

Most businesses (including security providers) can be defined as local, regional, or national. When considering a security provider, you need to think about your current and future needs concerning the service area and pick a provider based on those needs. You also need to consider the provider’s capabilities and whether they can grow with your business. If you have one or two locations now, you might think about a local provider that may seem like a match. What if you grow from one state to 14, and your local provider only covers a single state? You would either have to change providers or have different providers in each state if you want to continue to use a local provider.

Since we cover most of the Southeastern United States and Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, and Texas, your business will have plenty of room to grow. Another reason to partner with a regional, single provider is the huge cost-savings for your business.

#6 How long does it take to make contact and get a response when I need technical support or service?

When you are dealing with local and national providers, response times can be slow, and you can end up listening to some pretty lousy hold music for a very long time. With us, service is one click or call away, with no multi-level phone menus or sitting on hold for hours on end.

#7 Once I have a service ticket in your system, how long will it take to complete?

Many smaller providers have a backlog of orders due to their size, and the national providers see you as just a number, which means slower service times. This is something to consider when making your decision.

When you partner with us, it does not matter if you are located in Alabama, Texas, Ohio, or North Carolina. You will receive the same speed and quality of service because we put our customers first. We prioritize service and want to ensure we exceed our customer’s expectations.

#8 Do you offer fire and security system inspections?

Some providers may not perform this valuable service for your business as the certifications are not easy to obtain and need to be renewed continually. Why is it so important to have a licensed provider perform your inspections? There are many reasons for this, but the most important is to make sure that your people, property, and assets have the best protection possible from fires and intruders in your building. Another reason is that you could end up with costly fines for not keeping your building up to code if you are not working with a licensed professional.

We offer both services, and our technicians have the qualifications to perform thorough inspections for your business.

#9 Do you offer fire and burglar alarm monitoring services, and how much does it cost?

Not all security installers offer monitoring services, or if they do, they are costly. Why is monitoring so important? Monitoring is a natural extension of your fire alarm and security system as they provide you with 24/7/365 coverage by trained professionals who know what to do in the event of a fire or break-in. Another reason to add professional monitoring to your system is peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about gaps in monitoring coverage when you are asleep, away on vacation, or if your smartphone dies, and you cannot receive alerts.

Many monitoring service providers charge an exorbitant amount for their services. Our monitoring fees start as low as $21 a month because we believe our customers deserve affordable monitoring to protect their business.

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We hope you found this guide helpful in choosing a commercial security provider. Click on the button below to download a PDF worksheet you can use in your vetting process. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 855.855.8881 or fill out the contact form, and we will get back to you ASAP.