According to a study performed by Microsoft 1, a staggering 49% of Americans do not have access to a high-speed internet connection.

Are you one of the millions of people whose home or business is stuck in the early 2000s with painfully slow internet speeds with DSL or satellite as your only options?

For many, high-speed internet access is essential for productivity and entertainment. And even before the pandemic, access to broadband has long been considered a significant contributing factor to a student’s success in school.

And what about people who enjoy camping, boating, or getting in their RV to travel across the country? These activities have increased dramatically over the last 12 months as people have been reconnecting with nature to social distance. They have even less access to high-speed internet than those in “fixed” locations like homes or businesses.

Our solution, CRV Freedom Internet or CRV-Fi for short, delivers the same kind of lightning-fast internet speeds as cable broadband to you anytime, anywhere.

99% CRV-Fi Coverage

Let’s have a look at the differences between our high-speed portable internet solution and DSL/Satellite.

  • CRV-Fi is available to 99% of the United States and Puerto Rico

  • It is unlimited, with no data caps*, no overage charges; the price never changes

  • Utilizes MIMO technology, so the link is very robust

  • The weather impacts neither service nor speed

  • The service is portable; people with RV’s or boats can take the router with them and have internet wherever they go

  • Installation is as easy as plugging in the router

  • The router has Wi-Fi built-in at no extra charge, so no need to purchase a separate wireless access point

  • No video quality streaming limitations – up to 4K

  • Stream online TV services such as, Hulu, Netflix, etc. and cancel expensive cable, Dish Network and DIRECTV packages

  • Powerful router with features for business like QoS, Port forwarding, Static IP’s, bandwidth limiters, and more

  • Both have very slow upload speeds and do not allow customers to reliably view their live security camera footage, stream video (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.), use Microsoft Teams, FaceTime, or anything else that requires upload, making it an undesirable solution for both business and residential

  • Both do not allow for a business to utilize Voice over IP (VoIP) technology which is less expensive than analog phone service

  • While DSL is cheap ($55/month on average), the only thing you can reliably do with it is surf the internet, and both business and residential needs are well beyond that

  • Satellite is notorious for latency, and the signal constantly goes up and down, making it very unreliable

  • The weather impacts satellite service, and a very cloudy day or a hard rain can disrupt your service

  • Satellite is typically highly overpriced for what you get ($159/month on average) and is not unlimited – most plans max out at 50GB, and they throttle (slow down) the signal to an unfunctional speed once you reach that usage threshold

CRV-Fi is portable

Listed below are some of the use cases where CRV-Fi can be utilized to provide broadband access anytime and anywhere in the United States. While these are some of the more popular applications, our high-speed internet access solution is not limited to these examples.