Whether your business is planning on bringing employees back full-time or you will take a hybrid approach, it’s vital to ensure your employees feel safe about returning to the office. Some of the latest offerings from Access Control manufacturers can help you with this goal with counting occupancy technology and utilizing touchless door entry and exit solutions to create a healthy working environment.


An Access Control System with advanced analytics can help you count how many people are in an area of your building at any given time. You can utilize this information to help determine if you need to stagger work schedules to keep occupancy at safe levels and to restrict access to areas that are already considered full.
Your business can also utilize the data from your Access Control System to gain a complete understanding of how much space you need to create a safe working environment for your employees. You can determine peak days of employee attendance and where they spend the most time in your building. For example, if your break room is not utilized as much as it was in the past, you could convert/allocate part of the space for another pressing business need like additional offices or storage. You can also use the data to determine if you need more or less office space based on employee behavior and safety needs.

CRV Surveillance - Occupancy Counting Benefits

With the CDC advocating that we maintain a safe social distance from others when possible, even as the pandemic begins to wind down, this presents an opportunity to bolster your Access Control System (and company policies) to prevent what is known as “tailgating.” Tailgating is when a person follows behind another employee without swiping their access card or employee badge. While this behavior is usually not a security threat, it can be a signal that your organization has a lax approach to the safety and security of its employees.

You can mitigate this impression by asking employees to maintain a safe distance from other employees while entering and exiting your building and making all employees use their access card or badge when entering the building. Another reason to enforce a “no tailgating” policy is to ensure your Access Control System can get an accurate count of people to determine your building occupancy levels.

CRV Surveillance - Touchless Entry Benefits

With all of the new health and safety mandates, and employee expectations of having as germ-free of a working environment as possible, companies are taking advantage of and upgrading to touchless entry solutions to mitigate the spread of germs. Technology like facial recognition, smart mobile devices, and advances in NFC (Near Field Communication) make this possible.
Using advanced security technology like optical turnstiles, revolving doors, and touchless biometrics, you can verify an employee’s credentials, automatically open doors/turnstiles, and add them to your building occupancy count. All of this will significantly enhance your building security and create a healthy working environment for your employees.


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