Remote Video Surveillance takes the place of traditional security guard duties in the form of remote video monitoring of your property with 100% uptime (no sleeping) 24/7/365 days a year. Not only does remote video surveillance have a 100% uptime, but your property will also have 100% coverage which is something traditional security guards cannot do. Our solution leverages a combination of sophisticated video analytics to detect threats that alert security professionals who can react in seconds to determine if a police dispatch is required.

Remote Video Surveillance dramatically improves your security and saves you money over hiring traditional guards. The cost of installing a Remote Video Surveillance system is substantially less than recruiting, hiring, and training security guards.

50% savings over traditional security guards

How many times have you caught a security guard asleep on the job? Even if you did have top-notch guard/guards, your property is still not completely protected. Security guards can only be in one place at a time, and they can only pay full attention to one camera at a time. When they make their rounds, they leave a hole in your security coverage. This is why intelligent property managers turn to Remote Video Surveillance as a more modern crime deterrent and proactive security solution.


Traditional security measures usually only show crimes that have already taken place. It does not take long to shatter a window, steal unsecured items and get away clean. Remote Video Surveillance serves not only as a deterrent but can also prevent a crime from happening on your property.

Here’s how it works:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – our cameras are equipped with advanced analytics capabilities that can instantly identify a potential threat. They are also smart enough to know the difference between animals, cars, or wind blowing.

Professional Security Monitoring – the moment our AI-enabled cameras detect a threat, a real person is notified within seconds. This allows them to review the event and make a decision based on what they see on the live video feed.

Audio and Visual Alarms – if, after viewing the video evidence, our trained security experts determine that a crime or something suspicious is in progress, they will trigger both audio (siren) and visual (strobe lighting) alerts on your property. The majority of would-be offenders will leave your property in haste with these alarms and prevent the crime from ever happening.

Police Dispatch – what happens to the few who still insist on remaining on your property? Our security professionals will dispatch the local authorities to your location.

83% of robbers check for the presence of cameras and alarms before attempting a robbery

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte conducted a study1 with incarcerated burglars and asked them a series of questions about how they chose targets, what motivated them to steal, and what was most likely to deter them from a target and move on to the next. 83% of would-be offenders reported that they try to determine if an alarm is present before attempting a robbery. They also reported that if they noticed surveillance cameras or heard an audible alarm, 50% said they would walk away and discontinue the theft. Another 37% reported that they might continue the attempt, and 13% said they would go ahead and proceed with the robbery. These statistics show just how much Remote Video Surveillance can reduce your risk of break-ins on your property.


Below is a summary of the differences in capabilities between using advanced technology like Remote Video Surveillance and traditional security guards to protect your property.

  • Costs up to 50% less and provides sweeping security improvements

  • 100% system uptime for 24/7/365 security

  • 100% simultaneous property viewing coverage

  • In addition to providing a visual deterrent, these systems can proactively prevent crime from occurring in the first place

  • Event monitoring backed by highly trained security professionals who can react in seconds to an alarm

  • Provides video evidence of events to document any theft or vandalism to law enforcement

  • AI & Machine Learning enabled cameras, tuned to your specific security needs and improving all the time

  • Will free up valuable company time and resources formerly dedicated to managing the guards

  • Can cost up to 50% (or more) than Remote Video Surveillance while providing inferior security coverage

  • Tend to fall asleep on the job, leaving you paying for non-existent property protection

  • Cannot cover large areas unless you hire multiple guards at great expense to your company

  • Tend to lose focus of their primary duties due to boredom and exhaustion, decreasing the security of your property

  • While making rounds, they abandon their original post, leaving a hole in your security for that area

  • Inability to focus on multiple cameras at one time, leading to openings for criminals to gain access to your property

  • You have to dedicate time and resources to manage personnel

100% Uptime and Coverage with Remote Video Surveillance