Welcome to Your E-fleet Mobile Application

The information below is a high-level overview of the most important mobile app sections that everyone needs to use for your truck maintenance. If you need more detailed information about a particular section of the e-fleet app, please refer to the sidebar links to find the complete documentation on each function available and video tutorials.

Before we go into our overview, now that we have this app to schedule maintenance, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE AMEX CARDS FOR ANY VEHICLE MAINTENACE. From now on, you will present your maintenance card from the app to pay for service.


1. USER MENU – This menu contains alerts, appointments, vehicle info, your profile, and you can access the training videos from here.

2. MY ALERTS – This is where you will see outstanding alerts for your vehicle. These may include oil change reminders, recall information, or custom alerts sent from CRV.

3. MAIN MENU – This will be the first screen you see when logging into the app. It has the primary functions that you’ll use and is where you will access the essential features for your daily use.


The User Menu is accessed by pressing the “Hamburger” icon in the top left corner of the app home screen. The two main sections of the user menu that you will use the most are the “MY APPOINTMENTS” and “MY ALERTS.”

MY APPOINTMENTS – This is where you will find upcoming and previous appointments scheduled via the mobile app with one of the preferred maintenance providers.

MY ALERTS – This is where you will find unread messages that need to be addressed. These may include oil change reminders, vehicle recall information, or custom alerts sent from CRV.

TRAINING VIDEOS – In addition to the training videos being available here on this web page, they are also available in the e-fleet app from this link.


The information you access under the My Alerts menu is the same when you access the User Menu and then select My Alerts. This menu serves as a faster way to see if you have any unread messages for various things like oil change reminders, vehicle recall information, or custom alerts sent from CRV.

When you click on the circle with the number contained inside (upper right-hand corner of the mobile app screen), you can review your alerts. To get back to the Main Menu, click on the word “BACK” that appears in the screen’s upper left-hand corner.


This will be the first screen you see when logging into the app. It has the primary functions that you’ll use and is where you will access the essential features for your daily use.


The Service Locator menu has two main functions. The first function is to help you locate our preferred vehicle maintenance vendors and schedule appointments. The second function is the fuel finder. As you would expect, the fuel finder will help you find the nearest gas station. One thing to note about the fuel finder is that it will take you out of the e-fleet mobile application and to a website (WEX Fuel Locator) to help you find the nearest gas station.

The graphic below shows each option available to you on the maintenance screen. You can view your nearest vehicle maintenance options in either list view (that’s the default) or a maps view. To switch between the list and map view, click on the map icon in the screen’s upper right-hand corner.

Please note, if you set up an online appointment with the calendar function on the maintenance screen, make sure you receive a CONFIRMATION of your appointment from the vendor before heading in for service. This is typically received via email.


When you select the fuel option, you will be taken out of the app and to a website that will help you locate the nearest gas station. The easiest option is to select “My Location” from the top menu to find the stations near you. You also have the opportunity to set a radius and fuel type for your search.

To return to the e-fleet mobile application, you will need to leave the web browser.


When you tap on Maintenance Card, the app will display your vehicle’s Maintenance Card. ALWAYS USE THE MAINTENANCE CARD TO PAY FOR VEHICLE MAINTENANCE – NO EXCEPTIONS. Be sure to present the Maintenance Card to the preferred service provider before they begin any work on your vehicle.

To get back to the Main Menu, tap the Maintenance Card to close or use your phone’s back arrow.


Now you don’t have to worry about misplacing your insurance card because it will travel everywhere with you. Your insurance card will be uploaded for you, and you can access it whenever you need it from the Insurance Card Main Menu link.


Who is my primary maintenance contact? What is the phone number for roadside assistance? Who do I call with questions about fuel? The answers to those questions and more are located in the Contacts section of the main menu.


While we hope you never have to use this menu option, accidents do happen sometimes. The Accident Report screen allows you to quickly capture and enter information when it does happen. You can also attach photos by selecting the camera icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app screen (please note, you are limited to 6 – 8 photos for upload). Once you fill in all of your details and press the “SUBMIT” button, an email with all the accident details is generated and sent to Enterprise Fleet Risk Management.

You also have a ‘Quick Dial’ button under the map for contacting roadside assistance. The second button titled “Contact EFM” is a shortcut to the app’s Contacts section, which has other numbers you may need like insurance or primary fleet contact.

The accident report’s first three fields will be filled in automatically, and then you need to fill in the rest. For claim type, there are only two options, “glass” and “accident”. You will use the “glass” option when the only damage is to any window of your vehicle. For example, if a rock or piece of debris hits and cracks your windshield while driving down the road, you need to pull over and document the damage and select “glass” as the claim type.


Even the best-maintained vehicles can break down. That is why the e-fleet mobile app has three ways to call for help if you break down. The quickest way to place a call for help is to click on Roadside Assistance from the Main Menu in the app. That will take you to a link you can tap to call for help.

The next way to call for roadside assistance is located in the Accident Report section directly under the map. And the third way to call for help is by tapping on the Contacts section from the Main Menu. A roadside assistance contact is listed under here as well.

All three options work the same, and dial the appropriate number to get the help you need to your location.


Do you have more questions about how to use the e-fleet mobile app? Check out the sidebar on this page labeled MORE RESOURCES. You will find the complete documentation for the application as well as helpful video explanations of select features.