Surveillance cameras equipped with thermal screening capabilities will greatly enhance not only your 24/7 monitoring capability of your business or facility, but they also allow you to monitor for elevated skin temperature, adding entry screening for sickness as another way to protect your employees, visitors, and customers.

How Thermal Cameras Improve Building Security

Thermal cameras have been around and in use for many years by our government for defense purposes. It is a trusted technology that has had several recent innovations that allow them to be used in many more applications. Some of those applications include warehouses/manufacturing, corporate offices, and healthcare.

What makes a thermal camera superior to other surveillance cameras? Thermal cameras use the heat (a.k.a. infrared radiation) generated from an individual or object to detect movement, and they do not require any light to operate. With traditional cameras, if there is no light, then you will have no video. They are ideal for not only detecting persons in the dark, but they can also “see” outdoor activity in less-than-ideal conditions like a thunderstorm, fog, or even smoke.

These cameras can also see and prevent incidents before they happen in areas where hazardous chemicals are stored in factory or warehouse settings with overheating equipment. They can also be used to detect if an area becomes too cold, which can cause an issue for certain types of items as well.

Another way thermal cameras improve building security is their built-in ability to validate an alarm. Other detection devices like motion sensors and lasers require additional technology to verify an emergency or building breech. A thermal camera can instantly verify an alarm because they are equipped with onboard analytics that distinguish between people, vehicles, and animals. This can save your company valuable time in the event of an alarm and save money by reducing false positives.

Elevated Temperature Screening
Thermal Cameras Can Perform Contactless Temperature Screening

In addition to thermal cameras providing superior performance as a surveillance camera, they also have the ability to screen employees, visitors, and customers for an elevated temperature when they enter your building or facility. One of the many changes 2020 has brought is the way businesses approach building cleanliness protocols and doing everything they can to minimize the risk of spreading sickness. Temperature screening has become one of the top methods companies are deploying to protect people and prevent the spread of all kinds of sickness.

One thing to remember about using thermal cameras as an elevated temperature screening device is that it should be paired with a secondary screening with a medical device to confirm if a person actually does have a fever.

Thermal Imaging - Tanks in a Plant
The Best of Both Worlds

By taking advantage of a thermal camera’s ability to provide superior surveillance and screen for elevated temperature, you are getting the best in physical security and a health screening device all in one.

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