What is an Access Control System?

At its core, an Access Control system is a way to control who is allowed to enter a location and what times they are authorized to do so. You can utilize these systems to grant or deny access to employees, vendors, contractors, or visitors. A location can be anything from a job site, building, a single room, or a drawer containing sensitive information.

  • Increased safety for your employees

  • Increased ease of access for employees

  • Reduce theft with a visible deterrent

  • Secure sensitive information, assets or equipment

  • Reduce accidents by securing areas with specialized equipment or hazardous chemicals

  • Know who is coming and going at all times

  • No more lost keys and replacing locks

  • Create custom access levels for employees, contractors, and visitors

  • Automatically lock and unlock doors

  • Create customized schedules by employee or contractor

  • Create custom reports for auditing, tracking, and insurance purposes

  • Update or remove access from one central location

  • You can integrate with other building protection systems

Modern Access Control Turnstiles
Why does my business need an Access Control System?

Access Control systems provide an efficient and cost-effective way for a business to secure their people, property, and assets. They can also provide detailed reports on your employees’ comings and goings and contractors that work in your building. If you have multiple locations, you can even network them together to manage Access Control from one central location.

Access Control Systems Provide Increased Security, Safety and Control

By implementing an Access Control system, you have the power over the following:


You can create custom access levels for the different types of visitors who need access to your building, and you can amend or revoke access with a couple of keystrokes.


You have full control down to the individual who can access a job site, building, a single room, or a drawer.


You can lock down your location based on a person’s role in the organization, or grant access to allow deliveries to be made in the middle of the night.

Access Control Readers and Badges
What Are My Options to Allow Access?

One of the most common options is access cards or badges, but many other options are available. The four main possibilities are as follows:

  • A physical item you carry with you like a badge, access card, or key fob
  • You can also utilize a password or PIN to gain access
  • Mobile phone credentials via an app on your smartphone
  • More sophisticated systems allow you to use biometrics like your fingerprint or iris scan
Why are Access Control Systems Better Than Keys?

Keys have long been the way most businesses and homes are secured, but they have several flaws. Here are some of the reasons Access Control systems are superior to using keys:


Who has never lost their keys before? We are pretty sure that it is a tiny group of people. When a person loses a key to a secure location, you need to replace the lock and then have to hand out new keys to everyone.


You have zero visibility in who has entered and exited your location and when it happened.


If a person needs to enter several different locations, they need to carry multiple keys for access. With a single Access Control badge, you can program it to allow a person into numerous areas.

Access Control Biometric Readers
Access Control System Integration

When you integrate your Access Control system with other building security systems such as video surveillance cameras, you can unleash these systems’ benefits and efficiencies. For example, suppose an unauthorized person is trying to enter your building. In that case, your Access Control system can communicate with your Video Surveillance Camera, have the camera start recording, and send you an alert via text or email.

Another feature made possible by integrating with your security system is that you can use the scheduling feature to arm your locks and alarm. Access Control scheduling allows contractors, cleaning crews, and other service providers can gain the off-hours access they need to your building. This eliminates the need for you having to be there in person to allow them in and re-arm your system once they have finished.

The possibilities are practically limitless with the right security experts and equipment. With an integrated system, you will have multiple security features working together to reduce risk, streamline your business operations, and realize the ROI from your systems.

Security Integration Options
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