Why Should I Have My Business Professionally Monitored for Fire and Burglar Alarms?

One of the most significant advantages to having your business watched over by a professional monitoring company is that you will not lose valuable seconds/minutes when an alarm is triggered.

With an unmonitored system, you will first have to figure out which alarm went off. Is it the fire alarm or burglar alarm that was triggered? Is it a glass break sensor, a smoke alarm, or a motion sensor? Then you have to determine if it is real or false, and decide which authorities to call. All of these decisions could take you up to 25 minutes (or more), which is time you cannot afford to lose in a real alarm situation.

Contrast that timing with a professionally monitored system where a tripped sensor instantly notifies the command center, and they immediately reach out to you to determine if its an actual emergency. If it is, the monitoring center will dispatch the authorities on your behalf. In most instances, this can happen in a matter of seconds. That is a drastic improvement over 25 minutes, to be sure.

Another reason to add professional monitoring to your system is peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about gaps in monitoring coverage when you are asleep, away on vacation, or if your smartphone dies, and you cannot receive alerts. When you have professional monitoring, you have 24/7/365 coverage by trained professionals who know what to do in the event of a break-in or fire.

Monitoring Sample Screens
  • 24/7/365 peace of mind knowing your business or home is always being monitored

  • Enhances security for your employees, customers, and assets

  • Receive instant notification to yourself and the proper authorities if an alarm has been triggered

  • Receive enhanced response times to alarms (as opposed to self-monitoring) that can potentially save life and property

  • Save money on your insurance with discounted rates

  • Can detect several different kinds of intrusion via window, door, glass break and motion sensors as well as hold up buttons

  • Can add additional functionality to safeguard against flooding and sudden temperature changes in areas such as server rooms or freezers that require much colder temperatures

  • Can be combined with your Surveillance Cameras to provide a verified alarm (visible or audible proof of a break-in or fire), which gives your situation priority over non-verified alarms

Fire and Burglar Alarm Monitoring Integration

When you integrate monitoring with your Fire and Burglar Alarm Systems, you will maximize protection and safety for your employees, building, and assets. You will gain increased response times to emergencies, making all the difference in these types of situations.

You can also expand your building protections systems to include monitoring for water leaks, which lead to early detection and minimize water damage to your building or inventory. You can also monitor a room’s temperature for sudden increases or drops to make sure things like server room equipment or inventory in commercial freezers do not get damaged by those changes.

The possibilities are practically limitless with the right security experts and equipment. With an integrated system, you will have multiple security features working together to reduce risk, streamline your business operations and realize the ROI from your systems.

Fire and Burglar Alarm Monitoring Integration
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